Kenya has a long and rich history when we are talking about running long distances and marathons. But the rise of football is also noticeable in this country. Progress Sports is proud to be active in this country as well, supporting a newly found soccer academy, the Village Diamonds.

Here are our missions and visions:

Our vision: to instill a sporting culture at the grassroots by recognizing and utilizing sport as an important and sustainable tool for the holistic development and social integration of all underpriviledged and marginalise youth in rural Kenya.

Our mission:

  1. enable the participation of underpriviledged and rural youth in sport and physical activity, targeting remote and rural areas.
  2. facilitate the development of talented and motivated youth by providing them with necessary support and pathways to excel at higher levels.
  3. promote sport as an important development for youth, to aid in the holistic development by providing them with confidence,self esteem and leadership qualities, and encouraging sound values and ethics.
  4. professional management of programs,coaches events facilities ,to ensure the participants gain the desired benefits from sporting activity.

About Village Diamonds: the academy was founded by a young man who is called Wallace Owino Oyugi, who was also a football player himself and had played for several clubs in Kenya. Village Diamonds is situated in Sigoti, upper Nyakach division, Kisumu county. Village diamonds is divided into different ages (09, 12, 14, 20 year olds) with boys and girls from all over the villages in Nyakach. Registration is free since the kids are underpriviledged and some come from very remote areas.

Coaches: Village Diamonds has two devoted and permanent coaches, Wallace and Erick. With support of Progress Sports they get also equipment and a taste of European football trough our coaches coming to visit the academy.