Our camps


Our many years of experience in the field of football courses, enthusiastic trainers from Belgium and abroad, fun concepts, unparalleled passion for football, etc. have helped us become a pioneer in the organisation of professional, innovative and original football courses. You have come to the right place, we organise football internships for children aged between 5 and 14. They offer you the opportunity to play your favourite sport with your friends during the holidays.

Dance & omnisport

Have you also been bitten by the sports bug?

Outside football, Progress Sports has in recent years also specialised in organising dance and omnisports camps, in-house or on behalf of cities and municipalities. The camps we organise consist of numerous initiations in various sports: football, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, ...
Even for the most popular American sports like basketball & baseball, you can come to us.


Swimming... it is something every child should be able to do and counts as one of those many important milestones in the development of your little eye(s), just like walking, cycling, going to school, driving a car, ... 

If you want your child to go to parties in the pool or register for school or club swimming with peace of mind, you can turn to Progress Sports' Swimming Academy. Our qualified instructors will train your child through private swimming lessons to become an accomplished swimmer and/or take swimming tests to achieve their first swimming certificate(s). Before that, you can still come along for private water familiarisation between the ages of 2 and 4, and after obtaining your desired diplomas via private lessons, you can still join our recreational swimming lessons to keep up your fitness and technique.

International Academy

1 to 11 months taste of a European thorough football training?

Depending on your age, you will receive x number of hours of football-specific training on the pitch or in the gym, which can be compared to the life of a professional football player. We deliberately keep a small group led by 1 professional coach, so that the quality is even higher than with a full football team. Those hours of training include both private and club training and you may be selected to participate in matches (depending on the length of your stay). Furthermore, we play matches against other teams or mix our group with a group from a (semi-)professional club.